Gang Of Witches vinyl — Patriarchy is burning

Gang Of Witches vinyl — Patriarchy is burning

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Following a first track in 2018, “We are Gang Of Witches”, the music section of GANG OF WITCHES, composed by Sophie Rokh (MC Chaton), Paola Hivelin (W) and Son Of A Pitch (S.O.A.P), performed live during the festival “Patriarchy is burning” for the public to discover their first eight tracks album.

A vinyl in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies.
Mp3 download code included

Composition and vocals: MC Chaton
Lyrics and vocals: W
Vocals: MC Chaton & W
Arrangements: Son Of A Pitch
Recording and mixing: Eddy Rateni
Mastering: Raphaël Jonin
Visual cover: Vivien Bertin

Release date: June 2019
Music tracks: 8
Vinyl pressing: 12″ – 150 grs
Color: Red